Exciting News!
Regular online TM Group Meditations
for the Middle East

EVERY Saturday at 5.00 pm **
starting 2 November 2019

Click here to join: Event Link

Dear TM-Meditators and Sidhas,

Exciting news! – The 20 minute online TM Group Meditations for the Middle East have been so successful, that by popular wish we have decided to have one regularly every Saturday from now on – beginning with this Saturday 2 November at 5.00 pm. **

** NB In Winter, 5.00 pm is local time for Beirut, Jerusalem, Cairo, Damascus, Amman, and Nicosia. This is 6.00 pm in Istanbul, Kuwait, and Riyadh, and 7.00 pm in Abu Dhabi and Muscat. It is 4.00 pm CET (MERU time).

On each Saturday there will be a welcome at 5.00 pm, followed by a 20 minute TM Group Meditation beginning at 5.05 pm. Those practicing the advanced TM-Sidhi technique are invited to continue their programme immediately afterwards with Yogic Flying at the preferred National Super-Radiance time (e.g. 6:00 pm).

For details of how to join: please see the box at the end of this message (or click on the Event Link in the heading above). Please note that for those of you who had already registered previously, you should now use the link in this announcement.

Short Inspirational Talks

On some Saturdays, prior to the Group Meditation, we will have an inspirational talk, or video. For such events everyone will be informed some days beforehand about the earlier starting times, in case you would like to enjoy that as well.

This Saturday, on 2 November, there will be a short talk by Nada Haidar at 4.40 pm, just before the Group Meditation. Nada has been teaching TM very successfully in Egypt, and she will share some of her experiences and inspiration.

Note: Where feasible the short talks will be in English, Arabic and Turkish, in which case you won’t need any translation, but a little bit of patience, since it will be one language after the other.


Example Experiences

The previous online 20 minute group meditations have been really enjoyable, here are some example experiences:

‘As soon as the online group meditation began, I felt a deep silence and peace. This continued throughout my meditation, along with a wonderful feeling of expansion, freedom and bliss. Afterwards I felt so happy and refreshed. These online group meditations are a real highlight for me.’ — SB

‘The nationwide group meditation was really powerful and so blissful. Afterwards I felt amazing. I can’t wait for the next one!’. AP

‘There was a sensation where the whole world was at peace. The whole world was silent. The whole was at peace, with loads of beautiful energy. The group meditation was very powerful indeed. Sensations of light which expanded on the awareness of our existence.’ — NS


NB: As mentioned above, in the Winter all times given below are local to Beirut, Jerusalem, Cairo, Damascus, Amman, and Nicosia. Istanbul, Kuwait and Riyadh are one hour later, and Abu Dhabi and Muscat are 2 hours later.


Note that once a month, as well as the online Group Meditation at 5.00 pm, some Centres may also hold a ‘Coherence Day’ which you might like to participate in. This will include extra meditations, or rounding, in the morning, and a special video-conference in the afternoon, with an international speaker. This will be in English.

Some Centres may also organise some special extra event on a Saturday afternoon prior to the Group Meditation.

** Important: Please contact your local Centre to confirm details of your local event (and to ensure they are holding an event).

Joining from home:

There is the opportunity to join the online Group Meditation from your own home (connection details below).

Timing for online TM Group Meditation:

4.30 pm Lines open.
4.40 pm (Extra for this Saturday – short inspirational talk)
5.00 pm Welcome and brief introduction to the Group Meditation..
5.05 pm Middle East-wide online TM Group Meditation for 20 minutes.

Following the online TM Group Meditation, the Sidhas will continue with their advanced programme, creating maximum coherence together at the National Super Radiance time.


We look forward to sharing the online Group Meditation with everyone.

With best wishes,
Jai Guru Dev

National Directors for the Middle East
Transcendental Meditation

How to Join? 
Here is the ZOOM audio/video link to connect via your browser: https://zoom.us/j/455130994.

Note – the link will be the same every Saturday, unless you are informed otherwise.

Please make sure you connect a few minutes before the meeting.

For those who have not been on ZOOM before – it is just necessary to click on the link and follow the instructions to download ZOOM to a computer, tablet, or smartphone. It is very simple to use.

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